About me

Scott Morgan (#morganvw1)

I am a published automotive photographer with my work appearing in Performance VW Magazine, VW Driver Magazine, Audi Driver Magazine, VWT (T4 & T5's ) Magazine and Edition Magazine (a digital society London based Magazine).

I have been part of the modified VW car scene for well over 20 years. I have been a regional host for Club GTi and have run a successful club (E1K) which at its peak had five regions and almost 1500 members.

In my time I have owned a lot of VW's (nearly 30 and counting).
MK1 GTi's, far too many MK2 GTi's, a G60 Mk3, a MK3 Syncro, a Mk1 Jetta, a Mk2 Sirocco, and these days I am running about in various MK4's.  I have had the odd Passat some Audi A4's and A6's thrown in for good measure.