VWT Magazine (lost feature).


I did a feature for Stonor VW show way back last year for VWT magazine, hadn’t realised my pics had been printed until a chance conversation with Steve Collins last night (at our monthly VW get together) about T5’s and him mentioning the article. Very happy to have the screenshots to add to the collection.

The London Cartel Early Showdown 25/03/2018

Little video of the night...

Last minute.com is what this was... I had considered going earlier in the week, but there were a few things at home needed sorting with the house move etc. that looked to keep me busy.  But an opening occurred so off to London town I went.

Arriving in North London to the famous Ace Cafe is always a pleasure. I didn't park in the car park due to me knowing there would be places that had been pre paid for this event, so I hid the R32 under the arches out of the way.

The event was bustling already on my arrival. I got there about twenty past five and the carpark was starting to fill.  I had a quick chat with Sanjiv and some of the London Cartel gang and of course Mark Wilsmore (owner of the Ace).

Once the entertainment was set up and the music started, Sanjiv was on the mike as always giving his own unique running commentary.

Lots of variety of different cars / vans on display. High end BMW's lots of VW & Audi's. Some cool old school Fords and a couple of Japanese drift cars.  Oh and we cant forget about that V8 Ford Popular hot rod.

The guys at London Cartel again pulled off a brilliant mini show. How they find the time with their London Cartel International Auto Show which takes place on the 19.08.2018 is anyones guess.

If the London runs and the events that they have put on to date are any thing to go by their Auto show will be immense. 

See you guys / girls soon.


Cars & Coffee Hosted by Regal Autosport // Pride & Performance

Early morning car cleaning.

Zero temperatures… Snow blizzards… Hang on are we not going into spring? With this in mind I knew I had to get up the next morning and wash the crud off the car from where I took it down the country lanes to go get it serviced at A & T Motors.

Waking up on Saturday morning it didn’t seem that cold outside. Boy was I wrong. I think it has to be one of the quickest washes the old girl has had. Although I did manage to do a Facebook live video.  It was that cold that the water was actually freezing on the car as I was washing her.

So car washed, now it was time to rally the kids. Not the best at engaging in what I love, but slowly and surely, I am wearing them down. The closer my daughter gets to her driving age, the more engaging she is becoming. Hinting at a Polo as a first car. Of course, it will be slightly modified. The boy… well all I get out of him at the moment id football talk, which to a Welshman is like speaking Chinese.

Car cleaned and off we set.  Kids keep laughing at the faces of other drivers who spot the decals on the side and back of the car. Lots of street cred coming my way from these two LOL. 

So we got down to Southampton about 10:20hrs, not a bad run from us to be fair.  Took us about 50 mins and we were taking it easy in the bad weather conditions.

On arriving at Regal Autosport the roads leading to the entrance were littered with stunning German automobiles and as I passed the entrance I thought I spotted an open space in the car park to get the car into. After reversing the car into that space, I was promptly told… “sorry this is reserved for someone else”. Oh well, it was worth the effort and then I went and parked the car a street or so away like the proverbial dog with its tail between its legs.

When I returned to the car park of Regal, there were plenty of people attending, lots of others with cameras and filming rigs and there was a nice selection of metal on display.

I met up with my good friend Ben Fisher for a chat and caught up with fellow Photographer Jason Cornish.  You can’t miss him at an even his is a tall stature of a man and a good man at that. I had a quick chat with Jake Edginton and Tom Merchant.  Both making the trip in Toms rather “quick” edition 30.

There was a nice selection of other German makes outside of the car park. Mercs, BMWs  with the odd mustang thrown in for good measure. I have to say that the girl in the white BMW ragging down the estate had some bottle and the car sounded awesome as did the Merc that was following her example. Both must have gone through a sizable amount of petrol to be fair. Sadly, a lone black Vauxhall Corsa seemed to think he was in the same league. Unfortunately, it was just embarrassing.

The guys at Regal Autosport & Pride and Performance laid on hot drinks and some very much needed sugary doughnuts from Crispy crème. My daughter’s eyes lit up on seeing these, so thank you guys for keeping the peace. 

In the cold temperatures I think we stayed about an hour and a half. Just enough time to get around the cars I wanted to shoot, enough time for the kids to have enjoyed but not to moan about leaving.

All in all a successful day by the joint venture and possibly more of them to come. The enthusiasm is there, the attendance is strong but as always, we are at the mercy of good old blighty and its weather.

See you at an event soon…


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Porn Dub is now on Facebook.

Hey fellow "Dubbers" . it was inevitable, so we thought we would make it happen sooner rather than later.  Its here the Facebook page to help promote our lovely blogging site.

Please call by via your web brouser and give it a like and help share the fun.

Find the page here: https://www.facebook.com/Porndub/

We look forward to seeing you soon

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A very much impromptu visit to Kent after a fairly quick discussion with other R32 members. So, I met a long-time member of the R32 owners club (Steph) on line and arranged to meet up at Fleet services on the M3 (famed for the old no-rice meetings).

After a quick introduction we were off to pick up Paul from Cobham Services on the M25 and then on to meet everyone else at Bluewater for the quarterly meeting.

An initial meeting in one of the car parks was had. Unfortunately, there was a group of boy racers frequenting the same car par who were quickly moved by on site security and the local police.

After they were dispersed they came to have a chat with those of us in the R32 club.  Being all of a more mature age they had a chat and a bit of a giggle with us and then were on their way.

Not long after those who were a little late arrived we were hot on our toes off to Byrons for some lovely burgers.

A late night, lots of car talk, lots of giggles and new friends made.