A very much impromptu visit to Kent after a fairly quick discussion with other R32 members. So, I met a long-time member of the R32 owners club (Steph) on line and arranged to meet up at Fleet services on the M3 (famed for the old no-rice meetings).

After a quick introduction we were off to pick up Paul from Cobham Services on the M25 and then on to meet everyone else at Bluewater for the quarterly meeting.

An initial meeting in one of the car parks was had. Unfortunately, there was a group of boy racers frequenting the same car par who were quickly moved by on site security and the local police.

After they were dispersed they came to have a chat with those of us in the R32 club.  Being all of a more mature age they had a chat and a bit of a giggle with us and then were on their way.

Not long after those who were a little late arrived we were hot on our toes off to Byrons for some lovely burgers.

A late night, lots of car talk, lots of giggles and new friends made.