The London Cartel Early Showdown 25/03/2018

Last is what this was... I had considered going earlier in the week, but there were a few things at home needed sorting with the house move etc. that looked to keep me busy.  But an opening occurred so off to London town I went.

Arriving in North London to the famous Ace Cafe is always a pleasure. I didn't park in the car park due to me knowing there would be places that had been pre paid for this event, so I hid the R32 under the arches out of the way.

The event was bustling already on my arrival. I got there about twenty past five and the carpark was starting to fill.  I had a quick chat with Sanjiv and some of the London Cartel gang and of course Mark Wilsmore (owner of the Ace).

Once the entertainment was set up and the music started, Sanjiv was on the mike as always giving his own unique running commentary.

Lots of variety of different cars / vans on display. High end BMW's lots of VW & Audi's. Some cool old school Fords and a couple of Japanese drift cars.  Oh and we cant forget about that V8 Ford Popular hot rod.

The guys at London Cartel again pulled off a brilliant mini show. How they find the time with their London Cartel International Auto Show which takes place on the 19.08.2018 is anyones guess.

If the London runs and the events that they have put on to date are any thing to go by their Auto show will be immense. 

See you guys / girls soon.